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Zarpor is a private server that was started by Matt, and has been running strong for over three years. We have many activities in-game that are sure to keep you entertained, and an active community consisting of players from all over the globe. This wiki is for In-game and Forum information.

This Wiki will provide you with a list of all the items in Zarpor available to the average player. This list is always going to be in-progress so if you don't see an item you need please bare with us. Also if you recognize we missed a item please comment on the list.

If you wish to play Zarpor, you can play here .

Be sure to read the Official Rules of Zarpor before you participate in-game or on forums.

Care to browse the Forums of Zarpor? You can find them here.

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Zarpor benefits heavily from your support. How can you help us become more well know? You vote for Zarpor.

Need to look up a highscore? Wondering how you rank against other players? You can check all thoses with our Highscores system on the website.

Want to tell a friend about Zarpor and get them involved with the community? You can simply send them the link found here . By giving them that link you are able to receive Referral Points. Referral Points can be used in-game for experience boosts.

Want to get involved in developing the "OfficialZarpor Wiki?" You can contact Fred on the forums.

Donating helps keep this server active and healthy. Donations are greatly appreciated but are not mandatory. Donation information can be found here . We give in-game benefits for donating so be sure to check those out.

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